Fields of work and science, and their practitioners

Let’s review the patterns in English fields of science and work:

1. -ology

Field Adjective Adverb Practitioner
psychology psychological psychologically psychologist / psychiatrist (& psychic)
ideology ideological ideologically ideological person
theology theological theologically theologist / reverend
biology biological biologically biologist
zoology zoological zoologically zoologist
archeology archeological archeologically archeologist
criminology criminal criminally criminologist / criminal
sociology sociological sociologically / socially sociologist
anthropology anthropological sociologically sociologist
ecology ecological ecologically ecologist
geology geological geologically geologist

2. -ics

Field Adjective Adverb Practitioner
ethics ethical ethically ethicist
physics physical physically physicist
politics political politically politician
statistics statistical statistically statistician
mathematics mathematical mathematically mathematician
electronics electronic electronically electrical engineer / electrician
mechanics mechanical mechanically mechanical engineer / mechanic
economics economic economically economist

3. Others

Field Adjective Adverb Practitioner
law legal legally lawyer
engineering engineering N/A engineer
science scientific scientifically scientist
dentistry dental dentally dentist
plumbing plumbing N/A plumber
logic logical logically logician
history historic/historical historically historian
chemistry chemical chemically chemist
medicine medical medically medic / doctor
botany botanical botanically botanist
theory theoretical theoretically theoretician
practice practical in practice practitioner
reporting N/A N/A reporter
journalism journalistic journalistically journalist
philosophy philosophical philosophically philosopher
architecture architectural architecturally architect
astonomy astronomical astronomically astronomer
agriculture agricultural agriculturally farmer
N/A janitorial N/A janitor
service service N/A service worker

Plan for Ungglish

So the words in Ungglish are currently planned as follows:

English Field Field Adjective Adverb Practitioner Thing
psychology miendology miendologic miendologically miendologist miend / syky (mind)
theology feithology feithologic feithologicly feithologist / reverend feithy (religion)
biology bieology bieologic bieologicly bieologist bieo-y (biology)
zoology animology animologic animologicly animologist anim (animal)
archaeology archaeology archaeologic archaeologicly archaeologist archaey (that which archaeologist study)
criminology criemology criemologic criemologicly criemologist criem
sociology s’cie’tology s’cie’tologic s’cie’tologicly s’cie’tologist s’cie’ty (society)
anthropology cultureology cultureologic cultureologicly cultureologist culture
ecology eecology eecologic eecologicly eecologist eeco-y / eeco-system
geology jeeology jeeologic jeeologicly jeeologist jeeo-y (that which geogists study)
physics phyzology phyzologic phyziologicly phyzologist phyz-y (the physical universe)
English Field Field Adjective Adverb Practitioner Thing
psychiatrics miendics miendic miendicly miendicist miend
ethics ethics ethic ethicly ethicist ethim (ethic)
politics po.litics po.litic po.liticly po.liticist (politician) N/A
statistics sta.tistics sta.tistical sta.tisticly sta.tisticist (statistician) sta.tistim (statistic)
mathematics mathics mathic mathicly mathicist (mathematician) mathim (mathematical object)
electronics e.lectrics e.lectric e.lectricly e.lectricist e.lectrim (electric device)
mechanics me.ckanics (the applied practice of mechanisms) me.ckanic me.ckanicly me.ckanicist (professional in meckanics) me.ckanim (machanism)
economics economics economic economically economicist economim / e.conumy (economy)
law lawics lawic lawicly lawicist (lawyer) law
engineering enjinics enjinic enjinicly (engineering-wise) enjinicist (Note: “enjineer” should be someone that works specifically with engines) N/A
dentistry toothhics toothhic toothhicly toothhicist (dentist) tooth
plumbing piepics piepic piepicly piepicist (plumber) piep
logic lojics lojic lojicly lojicist (logician) lojim (logic)
history his.torics his.toric his.toricly his.toricist (historian) his.torim (history)
chemistry kemics kemic kemicly kemicist (chemist; kemist is also allowed) kemim (chemical)
medicine medics medic medicly medicist (doctor) med (medication) / medim (medical thing)
botany plantics plantic planticly planticist (botanist) plant
theory thheerics thheeric thheericly theericist (theoretician) theerim (a theorem)
practice practics practic practicly practicist (practitioner) practim (a practice, i.e. something somebody does)
reporting re.portics re.portic re.porticly re.porticist (reporter) re.port
journalism jurnulics jurnulic jurnulicly jurnulicist / jurnulist jurnul
philosophy phil’.sophics phil’.sophic phil’.sophicly phil’.sophicist / phil’sopheer phil’.sophim (a philosophy)
architecture arkitectics arkitectic arkitecticly architecticist (architect) architectim (a work of architecture)
astonomy astru.nomics astru.nomic astru.nomicly astru.nomicist (astronomer) astru.nomim (celestial object)
agriculture agrics agric agricly agricist / farmeer N/A

Note that science (scieent) doesn’t follow this pattern

Note: Elements of Ungglish described in blog posts may change after publication